iOS 11 location-aware blue notification bar

iOS solidifies its privacy with location-aware notification bar
published: (updated: )
by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
iOS location privacy

With a reputation of being good for privacy, iOS 11 adds the new feature of making it even more apparent when apps use location data by coloring the notification bar a visible shade of blue [1]. Just like an ongoing call turns the notification bar green, this feature is intended to draw attention to the use of location in the interest of privacy. Pesky apps that use notification in the background were symbolised using a location icon (a white arrow) in the notification bar that was not really apparent to notice. However, the blue bar is inescapable in attention as users are displayed which app is utilising location services, even in the background. Users can now make a better choice regarding whether they want to continue using the app and also whether they want to let the app have access to location data. It remains to be seen how many users pro-actively take advantage of this feature and safeguard their privacy.

[1] iOS 11’s blue bar will shame apps that overzealously access your location