how we came to be

a history of existense
published: (updated: )
by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
drama story image for how we came to be

This is from a time and place where neither existed. The two cosmic beings were all that there was – the reality and finality of everything. The universe had not been born. The clock had not started ticking. There were no stars and planets. No comets, no galaxies. Everything was energy, pure energy. The two cosmic were born from this energy, cleaved into half. One not without the other, no one came before, no one came after. The Yin and the Yang of everything. One was the harbinger of darkness. The other a herald of light. Together there was harmony, balance. Everything was as it was supposed to be. For all eternity, or as close as one might get to it. No one knows. For time and space hadn’t been born yet.

When their balance broke, the energy was freed. It manifested itself into a great many forms. At first, there was light, everywhere. As the energy expanded and created space, light filled it. Time and space were born, and so did infinity and eternity. The left over energy created matter. At first this matter was small, minuscule, tiny. It combined with others to form bigger forms matter. Soon great clouds began taking shape. The first colors were born from light passing through such a cloud, breaking out in a prism. The matter in this cloud collapsed upon itself to birth the first star. It’s matter burned, giving out heat and light. Other clouds started collapsing as well. Everywhere, clouds were producing stars, planets, asteroids and comets. The comets were unicorns, their tails lashing out in space. There was order evolving from chaos. The energy was being harvested. But the balance was still broken.

The universe bore the seed of life. The stars provided the protecting warmth and light. The planets became the womb. With nurture and care the seed began taking roots. The tree of life was thus created. Life evolved on its own, and a great variety was spread across time and space. On one such planet life evolved to birth humans. Sentient beings that could ask questions like “Why?” or “What am I doing?’”

“Umm… Grandpa! This is all so confusing! I know I shouldn’t have hurt Tommy, but to understand all this is so hard! Do you mean that I should ask myself these questions instead of hitting him?”

“That, my dear boy, is what we should be asking ourselves always…”