a child watching the onset of thunder
published: (updated: )
by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
poem story weather

one-day i was sitting indoors
cause mom told not to go out
i think i knew the reason why
the clouds outside would shout

while sitting near the window
i noticed the sky to be flared
then the sudden explosion happened
that was enough to be scared

i know my brother noticed this
cause he had begun to taunt
and i had nothing inside me
no bravery or courage to flaunt

i was really really scared
so much so, i could not move
my brother saw this opportunity
to tell tales of the demon groove

he told me of a monster
whose roar was a shrieky voice
when he decided to abduct
the poor child had no choice

he told of the thousand hands
that flew from sky to ground
and when they fell on the child
nothing of him could be found

i felt my stomach wrench
just from hearing his story
i told him he was bluffing
in all his stupid glory

as i went to look outside and
saw the truth in what he said
there was a demon outside
and maybe he wanted me dead

faster than my legs could carry me
i ran to hide in the cot’s underside
shivering coldly from head to toe
very scared as i was from the inside

nothing could have brought me out
except the scolding’s of my mother
in an angry march with a loud voice
‘’to finish my food would i bother? ? ? ‘’

Unwillingly and with glaring eyes
I finally slid out from below
She saw I was scared to my soul
With fear i must have turned yellow

Taking me in her arms, in a tight embrace
She asked me what scared me so much
And when i told her of the demon outside
She simply said there’s nothing as such!

And when i dragged her to the window
To show her the bright flashes of light
Maybe she could drive the monster away
And everything again would be allright

But to my dismay, she dragged me away
Towards my room, and all my books
She was searching something in urgency
Looking in all the corners, all the nooks

Finally satisfied with her efforts
She gave me a book weighing a ton
She asked me to search for the demon
Said she wouldn’t go till I was done

So i searched and searched
All the while the book in my hands
It was the giant encyclopedia
Abnout the seven seas and the lands

Irritated, she grabbed the book
Just so to turn a thousand pages
And shoved it back towards me
as I expected an article on mages

But it was about the clouds
The sky and even the rain
And the demon was right there
Oh! how terrible a pain!

She tried hard not to laugh
As i showed her the picture
Egging me to just read ahead
She went to make some mixture

As i looked, slight glances at first
I also read the words alongside it
There was something written big
So coolI copied it down on a paper bit

I went running to my brother
For he surely woudn’t lie
He glanced at it just once,
And said – ‘’THUNDERSKY’’