Notes on reuse of EU Vocabularies for DPV

Notes on reusing EU Vocabularies for/with DPV (legal) concepts
by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
is part of: Data Privacy Vocabulary (DPV)
is about: Data Privacy Vocabulary (DPV)
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  • EUvocs provide an IRI for countries and memberships
  • EUvocs provide IRIs for places (region, city) and their status as being within the Country which is then linked to being in EU (jurisdiction)
  • The UN vocabs provide bidirectional regional association (City <–> Country)
  • MISSING: an association from place/country to membership, but not vice-versa
  • MISSING: a single graph containing all pertinent information about countries, places, and memberships
  • CELEX and other metadata provide information about laws (title, dates, topics)
  • MISSING: association of areas with applicable areas e.g. GDPR is applicable for EU, countries, regions, and so on
  • MISSING: authorities (e.g. Data Protection Authority) type and their association with specific laws and jurisdictions
  • There are other vocabularies that DPV can reuse / consider alignment (see notes for concepts and links)



Address Type

  • Namespace
  • types of addresses such as office, email, twitter
  • These are relevant for "Contact" concepts, but there must be other more comprehensive vocabularies out there?
  • If not, is this something we should consider? E.g. how to indicate contact mechanisms for emails, post, twitter DMs, etc.

Administrative Territorial Unit


Notice Types

  • Namespace:
  • Provides notice types for publication/EU activities
  • has differentiation between prior notice for information and notice (ex-post) on the existence of a system
  • DPV can distinguish between notices in a similar manner, e.g. ExAnteNotice and ExPostNotice for notices that relate to prior information and post-activity information respectively

Organisation Type


  • URI:
  • has three: allowed, not-allowed, required
  • DPV has added rules which map exactly onto this as - permission, prohibition, and obligation
  • The HTML can mention this alongside comparison to other rule systems such as ODRL and RuleML etc.

Cybersecurity Taxonomy

Rights and Freedoms

  • URI:
  • docs:
  • has economic rights, fundamental rights
  • has Charter of Fundamental Rights, but does not state relation of terms with specific clauses, and the terms do not match or seem to cover all concepts
  • Since this is intended to be an annotation vocabulary, I do not think it provides a 'list of rights' by itself, but instead relates to legislative documents and topics that are about rights and have this topic
  • DPV can adapt this and provide a comprehensive list of rights and links between them (difficult and time-consuming, but nice for future efforts)

Relevant names without relevant terms

  • Legal Basis
  • Organisation Roles
  • Organisation subrole