Forbidden Fruit

A take on the biblical story of Eden
published: (updated: )
by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
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I was in the garden of eden,
With the love of my life, a maiden.
Oh, how happy I was to see her,
To embrace her, hug her, kiss her!

We sat down under a blossoming tree,
Careless in love, our spirits soared free;
The forbidden fruit hung over our heads,
Oh, what naive creatures were we!

Like a serpent slithering unawares,
The fallen fruit rolled over to our feet;
Ignorant we ate it without any cares,
And our souls were filled with conceit.

I saw the heavens part above me,
The sky opened up in a flare;
All the other creatures remained carefree,
Except us, for we became aware.

I uncovered the hidden truth,
Sins I had committed in my life;
Judge me, for I am a sinner,
For I had coveted another man's wife.

And yet, I desperately held on,
The last vestiges of my dream;
I chose eternal fire thereupon,
To hold on to the sins of my love.

Like the proverbial Adam and Eve,
I was cursed to forever grieve,
To always dream the lie of a fresh start,
Oh, how I despise and hate my heart!