The watch that never showed time

A story about a special watch
published: (updated: )
by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
poem story

Morning tantrums weren’t new,
Atleast not for my dearest dad;
This time i wanted a new watch,
And he really didn’t want me sad.

So at breakfast he got me one,
My first watch, it had a golden shine;
It felt wonderful there, on my wrist,
Except, it didn’t show the time.

He was laughin heartily,
I knew he was so happy;
After all i had a new watch,
And i wasn’t being crappy.

Cheerfuly he ushered me out to play,
While mom piped to be back by nine;
I had no problems with that, Except
My watch didn’t show the time

We all played hide & seek,
And i hid in the hollow old tree;
Everyone had their turn finished,
But no one could find me…

All during play, i forgot about home,
I had to be back by nine;
I could have gone earlier,
But my watch didn’t show me the time.

Sheepishly i entered the front door,
Mom was waiting with stern looks;
Had she found about my homework,
That i had a few incomplete books?

”Why was i so late? ”
She asked that of me;
How could i tell her,
I was hiding up a tree.

All this trouble due to the watch,
Was it even worth a dime?
Sure, it looked beautifull and all,
But did it show me the time?

Suddenly mom snapped forward
I felt upon me, a growing tangle;
But she held my hand and asked,
”What are you doing with my bangle? ”

Words falied me, not a sound escaped,
But all i managed was a funny mime;
It was one of my mom’s bangle’s,
Not a watch that didn’t show the time

Later i was cross with dad,
And on the little joke he played;
So he bought me a real watch,
And kisses on his cheeks i sprayed.