a friend who went away

a friend who went away
published: (updated: )
by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
emotional friends poem

I had a great new friend,
Who knew me right away…..
It seemed really funny to me,
How she understood all i had to say.

I remember the time not long ago,
When we laughed and fought,
We were the best of friends,
Or atleast that’s what i thought.

I often wonder why happiness end’s,
What happens to break that tie;
How can someone so close
Just wave you off with a goodbye?

I know, i must have been lacking
I know, i must have been wrong
Maybe i wasn’t the friend to you
That you were to me all along.

The days thus pass
At nights i yearn,
From all that has happened
I wish i could learn.
That life is never what you desire
It leaves you tasting flames of fire

Everyone is away, those who meant the world to me.
All i have left of them are these memories…
And i shall love them as i always have,
Love them, and love their memories…

It’s becoming difficult for me, to hide behind this frown,
When from the inside, i am on the verge of a breakdown.
I try not to worry, since they’re left in the past,
But its hard, knowing in life, nothing will ever last.

You see your day, and see it through,
Knowing what i’m writing is all so true.
Yet you ignore the meaning of all this
Maybe thinking i am being childish,
I’ve tried to ignore, i’ve tried to forget
But all i see is the moments we’ve met

Do you know what it feels like to be left behind?
Losing everyone around you in so little time?
I think you know, you had once felt the pain…
Still, you want my joy to be washed away in the rain.

Please don’t ever forget the moments we’ve had
The day you left me, i felt so sad…
A friend who went away, is a very sad thing,
The angels weep instead of sing……