burn them down

getting rid of unwanted thoughts
published: (updated: )
by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
emotional poem

all these thoughts and emotions
that trouble and pain in my head
I’m gonna uproot them all now
I’m gonna burn them down!
all those people who left me alone
to move over to other things in life
Gonna forget those memories I have
I’m gonna burn them down!
Every single memory of us together
That have become aching thorns
I will stop them piercing my heart
I’m gonna burn them down!
And now that I’ve finally come over
Risen from all the ashes spread around
Trouble has come along again in my life
I’m gonna burn them down!
Never walk another step ahead
Never know who has set a trap
But I’m going to find them all
I’m gonna burn them down!
What have I ever asked in return
to have lived in such despair
But I shall hunt every last one
And I’m gonna burn them down!!!