published: 2009-02-13 12:00:00, updated: 2016-03-20 13:27:01

It was great learning maths
To see how sums were done
But never in our times
We saw 1+1=elevan


It’s impossible you may say
It has been proved in no books
But it occurs elsewhere
In a nation that hangs by tenderhooks


Here colors mix to form festivals
Cleaning the darkness with light
It was joy, happiness and prosperity
Until amongst ourselves we began to fight


It is the best belonging
To be counted amongst the indians
We would have guarded the pride with life
Had it not been for the corrupt politicians


They beg, borrow, steal our money
To cheat us in the next elections
This country would have been better
Without these selfish politicians


They’re the biggest traitors in history
They run the country and sell it
Amassing wealth seems their only goal
Greed sells the soul, fills the pocket


The progress of the country
Is maintained by the young
While those who can change lives
Have their morals stench of dung


If the office still has the politicians
And he says how the country Is run
Then of our progress i say
Surely,1+1 must be elevan