random #16032501

published: 2016-03-25 17:59:00, updated: 2016-03-25 18:00:48
was thinking what would I think if in addiction

Blurs; colors mixing and spreading all around me,

Swirls; birds without wings just trying to be free;

An identity lost in the silence of chaos,

Souls coming together in a seance.

This hunger that comes from within,

I feel it from every pore of my skin;

When the mind is lost and out of control,

The body fragile as crumbling charcoal;

This divine feeling of a leap and flying high,

The end of life as I wave off a good bye.

Alas, reality kicks in much too soon,

The harshness bursts my balloon;

Another escape is what I so desperately need,

Healing feels much better when I bleed.

I feel the noise drive me mad,

I feel the soul rot and go bad;

I’ve waited for eons now with time,

I can hear the ringing of the chime;

I need the substance that makes me feel divine,

It is my temple, It is my shrine.

Come, free me from this prison of pain,

Liberate me from my own brain;

The world is not worth one breath,

Come, help me unto my death.