my life is at stake

a reaction to events
published: (updated: )
by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
personal poem

fooled by destiny i made a mistake,
i regret, my life is at stake.
i knew not how much i stood to loose,
i thought it would be easy, just to choose.
now whenever i think of you,
my eyes fill with tears.
i’m afraid of the day i loose you,
that drowns me in fear.
you know, i think, i still love you
i remember everything
together we’ve spent these moments few
my dreams are only about you
my nightmares are about losing you
we were almost like husband and wife,
why did everything go wrong in life?
i know it was my fault
i wish to be struck by a lightning bolt
i wish to get things back in order
i’m trying to think broader
i have always loved and still love thee,
my dear, will you forgive me?

{please dont say no now,
i cant bear that
i stand to loose everything
dont increase that
i know i have made a mistake
i regret, my life is at stake}