friendship day poem

friendship day poem
published: (updated: )
by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
friendship poem

Todays a special day
But not for us
Our friendship is true
Blossoming thus

We dont require a seperate day
To celebrate our friendship true
Your special in my life
The selected few

When i cant smile
You tell me to try
You hold my hand
When i’m about to cry

You listen
Even when i dont speak
You encourage me
When i am weak

You are always there
For me to rely on
Mere har dukh sukh mein
Tere siva aur kaun

Youve done something special
Taught my heart to spend
You have become special
Become My friend…

I am really lucky
To have you by my side
To face life
Listen to the world chide

If i could ever leave love
In a safety box
I’d leave it in your heart
Safer than Fort Knox

Whenever i ask for blessings
I ask them for you too
After all your special
And my friend too

Cards and books are common gifts
Sorry i couldn’t give them
Accept this poem
My hard work, my gem

Aur phir bhi gift chahiye
To mujse maang lena
Ek tamach marunga
Line par aa jana

Bas ab aur likha nahi jata
Khatam karta hoon
Dost ho tum mere
Yunhi rehna tum

Prayers to someone up there
May frienship never end
You’ve made it sacred
I salute you friend…