su's birthday poem

a birthday gift for Su
published: (updated: )
by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
personal poem

It all began with a phone call
When she called my friend
Fawaz Nassar – the tall

I changed my voice before talking to her
But it was quite some time
To see i wasn’t the one she was after

A funny and surprised yell
Who was i? ? ?
She asked me to tell

I said to her about me
I was her friend’s friend
I didn’t dream she would be my dee

A nonchalant question to state
Would you be my brother?
To answer i did not hesitate

Of course, i could be
If she wasn’t serious
She woudn’t remain my dee

But two days you sent me it
The rakhi that i tied to my heart
The smile on my face that was lit

Soon after that were flowing
With the paper of emotions
The happy wind in my face blowing

Life coudn’t be better
Everyday stop our postman
Hey, where’s my letter?

Then came the book
Beautifull as they were
Letters in every nook

Of course we coudn’t write again
Its great though that we started
To leave it midway was a pain

The first time we met
In your college, as visitors
The smile on your face was great

The motions of your hand over mine
The rakhi that you tied on my wrist
The realation that felt divine

The subsequent talks and meetings
Those impromtu moments of time
Like joy in life with a greeting

Another gem in my life added
A rare one at that
Its now become friend-studded

I credit you, fully for other flowers
I dont know what to say
She keeps me smiling for hours

Oh, i promise to be there for you
And i mean what i say
Friends do these things few

I also say that i care
It probably means more
I trust you to share

Stupid poems cant be continued forever
Even infinity has a limit
Your dear brother – for ever