A dating experience
published: (updated: )
by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
poem story

As i ate food, in the night
Mouth watering at the sight
Of the new exotic apple red
Pizza’s and the garlic bread.

I wondered whether it was my whim
Or had the lights really flickered dim,
Did i smell a smell so enchanting
That it made my heart go dancing?

No sooner had i thought of this
That everything went around in bliss
I just caught the first sight of her
Heard her talk. But just a murmur

I don’t know how long i sat staring
On my part it was some daring
At last she smiled at my despair
I almost fell out of my chair

She threw at me slight glances
That just had increased my chances
Maybe if i didn’t do something stupid
We could be struck by love cupid

And so i decided to go and talk
Look my best with a manly walk
The sight of her made my toes curl
But she simply said her name was Pearl

I too smiled and said Hello
But saw that her teeth were yellow
It’s okay i said to my mind
Maybe she is of different kind

I engaged her in some small talk
She suggested we do a short walk
So we walked and talked about titbits
To my dismay she knew nothing about it

I talked about food, wine and rum
But all the while she just stayed mum
I tried clothes, movies and even fashion
Maybe i was just another distraction

So i tried to talk about some books
Or how men could be good cooks
But she held her lips tight
All she could do was fight

I was tired of talking and of her
If we dated, what happened after
Maybe she was just another beauty without a brain
And so another one had gone down the drain