Song of the blue jay

Just a simple tune I whipped up
published: (updated: )
by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
poem story

A stranger on a strange day
The sky was wet and grey
She smiled at me, I said, “hey!”
Wished I had a rose bouquet
For she took my breath away
I felt it play itself in replay
She looked at me like an X-ray
I looked elsewhere straightaway
I wished I used more hair spray
Didn’t care it was just a weekday
I wanted to ask her out to a cafe
Maybe after work on a Friday
To take her to see the ballet
Or the play at the broadway
When we make back our way
Walking in a lonely alleyway
All my feelings to convey
How she led my heart astray
It felt like December in Norway
Or the sahara on first of May
I wonder what she’d think, what she’d say
If she said no, maybe I’d move to Paraguay
But she stopped me at the doorway
And looked in my eyes halfway
I felt my feet rock and sway
A stolen kiss in the romantic archway
The sky parted to shine a ray
It was just Valentine’s Day : )