who are you anymore?

a look at oneself after a long time
by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
philosophy poem

Years ago you set out on a path,
unaware of where it led
But walked towards the distant peaks
Of mountains catching the first rays of sunshine

And you felt good when becoming better
But you were just blind and unaware
The hope and promises of tomorrow
That was the thing that kept you alive

Did you stop and make sure you were right?

Now that you are here,
doesn't the world look different?
Darker and bleak,
are you staring in a mirror?

Who do you feel disappointed with?

The world hardly has changed,
you are more aware of yourself
The illusions shattered,
can you start all over again?

A part of you has already died,
another wants to give up.
Can you accept?
Can you compromise?

The dreams, the ideals,
they were just false promises.
What will you find when you look inside?
Are you the same anymore?

Do you even know?