a reply to a poem

a reply to a poem
published: (updated: )
by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
personal poem

No one ever warned me
About the hazards i face from you
You could kill me with laughter
And i woudnt have a clue!

Nothing could have prepared me
For the sweetness that was you
A person who could come so close
Within the past weeks few

With you there’s only happiness
So much, that its maddening me
There’s sadness only when you
Feel sad, and then i follow thee

Yet, we have so many fights, and
I dont understand how you bear me
How you still manage to smile
Still find something good to see

U love friendships, and u point it out
Of some nicest people i have ever seen
And yet u dont realise, your my friend too
Just to have u, how lucky i’ve been

To say i’ll be there for you is no joke
To lend a shoulder a true feat
To have true friends is wonderfull
Theres nothing friendship cannot beat

As i always have said, and still say to thee,
You are an amazing person, you are, Gauri
Dont change yourself, and remember me
Laugh, smile a lot and always be free