What Indian TV soaps taught me

What Indian TV soaps taught me
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by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
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I detest TV soaps and hate the way they give rise to such perspectives

  1. Women are highly exploited and their development is merely a façade to steer away from the real issues
  2. Women can be the best heroes and the best villains, Men are merely supporting puppets
  3. No matter what life you live, bad times come 100 times more than good times.
  4. Indians are highly prone to memory loss. A slight accident or shock may cause massive brain failure resulting in loss of memory. Or maybe the men are simply tired of shrieking women (???).
  5. In spite of all the riches and the sound education, no one has any sense to talk things out
  6. Indians are basically lacking any concrete interest in life. Hence every moment, every situation comes with it’s own hyper-alerting background sound. Never think anything is ordinary!
  7. Some people have divine blessings (read Boss’s) and can live much longer than normal beings
  8. Some also having divine blessings (same as above) can be resurrected in-numerous times
  9. No matter what the conditions are in other fields of technology, Indians have perfected plastic surgery to the point that changing faces alters height, voice, expressions, other features and even style!
  10. We (read rich Indians) like to play dress-up everyday (the theme is mostly extravagant weddings)
  11. Daily soaps are also contributing to the economy, as we have become the largest producers(or importers???) of glycerin.
  12. Any action needs to be repeated a minimum of three times for complete effectiveness
  13. After every action, or situation, it is vital and important to note (or record???) every members facial expressions. Point 12 applied here.
  14. Time leaps are a good way to escape things that are too boring or repetitive (read normal)
  15. No matter what daily soap you see, it ‘supposedly’ has no psychological effect on you. Children are perfectly allowed to see it. If you do not have any troubles or incidents in your life, you suck!