10 signs you were born to make it big

10 signs you were born to make it big
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by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
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This article originally appeared on LifeHack

The article poses 10 questions and it’s responses (which are all meant to be yes) determine that one is indeed, meant to make it big. It is more about those wanting to achieve success in their ambitions and care about the way they achieve it. The article goes something like this –

While majority of us remain quite content with whatever we have achieved with hard work and dedication, there is a rare species in human beings, who are never satisfied with their work. They are the ones who keep pressing for perfection and set benchmarks in life. They are the ones who set new goals even before the earlier ones are achieved.

Are you one of them?

1. You continuously introspect yourself about the true meaning of life and what all could be achieved.

Yes, I do! I often think about life in its entirety and the meaning of it varies with the way we live. Achieving things is a mark of personal goals and ambitions. One can aim for concrete things such as positions and material things, or abstract things such as happiness and peace. Both are necessary to think about and achieve. But

2. Unfazed by the praises showered for your achievements, you strive for better each time.

Yes, I do! I am always uncertain of I should go about acknowledging compliments. They only make me think about what more I could have done, whether there were any shortcomings. And it puts a kind of pressure or responsibility on me to continue doing that well in the future. When things go to the head, they don’t stay for long over there.

3. You are always on a quest to bring change.

Certainly. There’s seldom something that appears perfect or complete. There’s always something I want to test, tinker, know about or make it better. It’s become a way of thinking now. And it’s good, because it opens up a lot of new perspective about many things.

4. You have control of your life most of the time and are very sure when to take action.

Thankness, it says most of the time. Because there are time when I’m so very confused, and that’s precisely when things aren’t going well. Otherwise, there’s a definite plan, and I do feel in control.

5. You are always optimistic and hopeful.

Yes, I am overtly optimistic about life most of the times.

6. You seek knowledge in everything you do, talk or read.

It’s almost an obsession, if someone talks about something I have no clue about, and it becomes intriguing, I have to know about it. I’ll google it, look it up in different places, ask that person more about it. Anything to keep the curiosity sated.

7. You have a heart of gold and do help people.

This is perhaps the only question I’m not sure about. Sure, I help people sometimes. But I don’t know about the golden heart thing.

8. You cannot prioritize between money, power or happiness. Making choices between the three doesn’t come naturally to you.

This is in some ways a reflection of the first sign. Money as means to an end is ok, and so is power or happiness. These do not become goals, but something I hope to gain along the way. Towards whatever ambition I’m pursuing.

9. You don’t want to be another person. You want to be unique.

I distinctly remember the first time I thought what I wanted to be in life – I wanted to be different. If someone did something in some way, I wanted to do it in another way. When my vocabulary grew, I learnt the word unique. And that’s what I always want to be.

10. You have BIG dreams.

Sure do. About changing the world. Uncovering great wisdom. Writing great fiction. A lot many dreams.

The article concludes : People who do big things in life are always the ones who not only thought differently but also had a unique approach towards life.