Being passionate is sexy

Being passionate is sexy
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by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
passion philosophy

There are people who do something because they somehow have to do it. There are people who do something because they like doing it. Then there are people who love doing it because its their hobby. And then there are people who are really passionate about doing something. I’m talking about this kind, the passionate ones.

Being passionate is having a strong feeling about something. It is intense to the point of causing desire, excitement and enthusiasm. The passion is the zeal possessed by someone which causes a great deal of enthusiasm in them. And this is very, very sexy.

Passion is not restricted to any one ideal, or any one field. In fact, one can be passionate about something as abstract as beauty. People can, and do find beauty in so many things, that they spend their lives passionately pursuing this incredible search which takes them across the world. One can be passionate about sports, or gadgets, or an idea. There is no limit, and no starting point for one to be passionate about something. Often times, when looking or hearing a person speak about something, it is evident to the listener, that the speaker is passionate about the topic. And this is a great attractor.

Passion leads to a quest to find or do something about the thing one is passionate about. Even if it’s something like following football. Passionate people know much more about football than it is evident. They know much more about their favorite teams and their playing style. They know each player and all their strengths, what the current manager’s strategies are, and what might happen next. Compare this with other facets of their life, and one might not find the same enthusiasm or even the same degree of knowledge. People do not go out of their way to learn or know all these facts, but because they are passionate, they find a way to learn this in the due course of their lives. It is this very ritual, that I find appealing.

Because one is passionate about something, it is evident that the person will do everything related to it enthusiastically.  And then there is always something inherently romantic about being passionate. Just take a look at anyone who dabbles in the arts. A certain degree of purpose enters the personality when they are passionate. People do a lot better on topics they are passionate about, than those for which they aren’t. And it’s not academically, or something that can be measured. But each person feels an inherent happiness for following their passions.

In the due course of my life, I’ve been passionate about many things. In fact, there was a phase when I stopped doing anything I wasn’t really passionate about. Sure, I got screwed, flunked in some, and got my head back in its place. But since then I’ve always been wondering. How to handle stuff life throws at you, especially when you aren’t passionate about it.

So my basic premise was this – can I be passionate by choice? About all those things that I didn’t want to do, wasn’t interested in, or had no choice but to follow on. Could I have made it, perhaps more interesting? Its a question worth investigating into. And so I did, for a few days. Then for weeks, and then for months. Now it’s been years since I’ve been asking myself that question. And to be honest, I’m not really sure about an answer.

See, one can always pretend to be passionate. One can always try to force themselves to be passionate. But all this achieve is obsession and a dog chasing its own tail. When you do things out of a passion for something, there’s not much choice there. Except that you really, really want to do it. And when you’re doing other things, there’s a half-baked choice you already are making in your mind if it’s worth your time. To be short, and fair, the answer is perhaps a simple no. One cannot force oneself to be passionate. One can definitely pretend, which will achieve its goal of fooling someone, but that won’t help the person at all. They would never achieve anything and everything a person achieves by being passionate. Passion is pure, and unyielding that way.

Compare everything you do with everything you do because you’re passionate about something. There’s a great deal of joy, and satisfaction associated with the latter. There’s this odd sense of fulfillment, as if we have finally done something we were meant to be doing. Passion can drive people mad, but it’s only because they want to be driven that way. If given a choice, they’d rather be mad than not do the things they are passionate about. Passion takes a great deal of courage to withstand. It’s not easy to follow your passion when you’re against the world who’d rather have you miserably living than satisfyingly dying. It takes an insane amount of courage to face every person who would rather not look at you, because you’re passionate, and because they can’t be like you, and do what you do. Passion is the wheel that pushes mankind forward. Every man who has thrown the shackles down, and carried the human race to the next step on their backs, gained the strength from their passion. Every inventor, every scientist, every person who has ever created something, has been able to do it out of passion. Passion is the great mover of the world.

When you look into the eyes of someone who is passionate about something, but can’t follow it, you see the slow black death in there. It kills you inside. And by some great human instinct, your soul screams for them to go follow their dreams. It’s unexplainable, but it makes every person sad to see someone’s dreams crushed, someone torn away from their passion. I think it’s only because they themselves are a little crushed, a bit torn away inside.

When was the last time you asked yourself, what do I really really want to do? It is what you’re doing right now? Can you truly be honest to yourself? Can you gather the courage to accept the truth? It’s not easy. But being passionate never is. It speaks of untold hardships, of toiling, of suffering and trampling. It speaks volumes about the spirit of man which is unyielding. And it shows the strengths and courage of that individual living his life. His own, not someone else’s. That’s why being passionate is sexy.

A person without a passion is like a body without a soul. It merely exists for the sake of others, and nothing more. A person without a passion is like a car without a fuel. One can sit inside, but one cannot reach anywhere. A person without passion is a hollow shell, echoing the sounds and vibrations of the world around them. That’s why a passionate person is so different. That’s why they’re so sexy.

No human is devoid of passion. It exists, in great varying amounts in each and every one of us. What does differ, is our understanding, and acceptance of it. One does not have to give up their lives, or to stop the world from spinning. But do as much as one can, to be truly happy.

As you read the final words, I really want you to not think, but write down somewhere, in the comments if possible, what you’re truly passionate about. And what you are, or would do about it. Take a moment, and do this. And remember, being passionate is sexy.