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by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
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This was a short 3-min talk I gave in my class

Such a simple, sweet word… and yet of such importance. A smile is the gesture of happiness, of joy, of approval. It is a facial expression which shows contention. A smile, looks good on anyone’s face…

It is often said that a few things are highly contagious – a yawn, maybe bunking, and certainly a smile. When we see someone smiling our way, more often than not, we too smile at them. It makes us feel a little lighter, makes us feel a bit happy. And we carry on with that tiny feeling without realising about it.

 We smile more when we are doing something we like. A smile has the power to really affect the things around us. When we smile, it really feels like a great day.

A smile doesn’t cost a single paisa. A smile can be given to someone, anyone and everyone. Right from me, to you and to everyone in this room, everyone can give or take a smile. So what stops us from utilizing this great expression?

Maybe someone might call you mad for smiling all day. Tell him to try it for a day. You can always ask him later, “How it felt to be mad”. A day which goes without smiling is a day wasted. Sounds similar to the laughter statement? It is… Smiling is the first step towards laughter. You may not laugh all the time, but you can certainly smile.

Smiling relieves some stress. And we all know what stress means, right? At a young age like ours, it is important to keep our mind and bodies alive. By eating right, sleeping right, exercising right and by smiling… Some smiling a day can keep stress away. And it is true.

When I was told to just come over here and talk for 3minutes, I thought of telling a story. I love telling a story. But over the past week, I thought of talking about something which might be useful, that is if you are paying attention. So I spoke about smiling. Each of us here wants to be happy, wants to be content. Yet not many smile so much. A person who smiles a lot is happy and vice-versa. You start your morning with a smile and you end up with a happy day. You really look forward to doing things. A smile is a great tool to cope up with life.

So that’s all that I am going to talk about. And I hope you got the message. Smile and be happy. Thank you!

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