My visit to London to see the British Museum and taste amazing food
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by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
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London is one of the world's most famous cities. And rightly so. It has an incredible plethora of things to do, to see, to experience, to discover, to eat, to feel, to know, and to remember. I had been there once before in 2009, where I visited most of the famous places tourists go to. This trip was in particular about two things - the British Museum and Food. Both I had in plenty, satiable quantities (and qualitities) and I returned to Dublin a very happy man. I was there for the Provenance week series of workshops, which you can read about in my post about it.

thanks Annalina for the recommendations on both !

British Museum

There isn't enough I can write that can describe the wonderful experience of spending an entire day within the confines of this magnificient collection of artefacts that is the British Museum. There are (huge, huge) sections on different themes, from different time periods to different civilisations, and the sheer number of artefacts are amazing. I managed to spend an entire day over there, just strolling past things (most likely in the reverse order of numbered sections), soaking in the vast number of things I was seeing (and experiencing). One day is nowhere near enough to do this properly. Ideally, one would need a day just to go over an individual section. Maybe in the future.


Now towards item 2 on agenda - food.

  • Flat Iron: best steaks ever! Soft, succulent, juicy, and the peppercorn was simply amazing. They even give a free ice-cream at the end!
  • Pulia: traditional Italian cuisine from the Puglian region (Apuglia).
  • Mercato Metropolitano: Italian for metropolitan market, there are numerous stalls inside, each of which operate independently and serve a variety of cuisines. The margharita pizza is the best!