Tea is the most popular and probably the most consumed category of beverages. Its a cultural necessity in many parts of the world, being an important aspect of ceremonies and prestige. Growing up in India, tea has been the norm in every household, and a social bonding event. Wikipedia has a comprehensive overview on the history, impact, use, and categorisation of tea across the world. On this page, I keep track of the teas I've consumed and my thoughts about them. Consider this my tea diary.

There are several ways to categorise tea. I like to follow the commonly used way of identifying tea using the processing method. On this page, the following teas are listed: black, green, oolong, herbal, fruit.

The quality of tea can vary vastly depending on what shop or brand you buy it from. I'm keeping lists for shops in Dublin and brands to get tea from.

Black Tea

Earl Grey My favoured black tea. Great taste, classical status, and refreshing with a lemon. Earl Grey has many varieties in Dublin. The best one to go by is called "Earl Grey Superior". I prefer the leaves rather than tea packets or bags as they allow better control of taste and usually taste more intense. If leaves are not available, Twinings is the best brand for an authentic taste.


Russian Caravan




English Breakfast

Green Tea


Oolong Tea

Jin Xuan (Milk Oolong)

Herbal Tea






Tea Shops in Dublin

Wall & Keogh

Clement and Pekoe

Tea Brands