dripping sky

published: 2018-07-30 22:33:33, updated: 2018-07-30 22:37:32
poem; weather;
a whimsy cluster of words for the dublin rains

round and round, all the way in,
from circles to spirals they begin,
dark and dark, filled to the brim,
rolling across, under, and within;

fast and fast, across the sky,
gone in the blink of the eye,
cold and cold, being so spry,
until it remains no longer dry;

drop and drop, they fall down,
until the sky has a breakdown,
roar and roar, all around,
water everywhere to drown;

tick and tock, goes the clock,
no birds flying above in a flock,
knock and knock, open doors,
people emerge from the stores;

splish and splash, the water sprays,
as the sky parts with sunshine rays,
gaze and gaze, all eyes raise,
as the rainbow lingers and stays;