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  • author: Olga Tokarczuk,
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  • isbn: 9781910695432,
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  • name: Flights,
  • review: This book has been an absolute delight (in both literal and figurative sense) and a pleasure to read. Flights is composed of short stories of varying lengths - from single paragraphs to novella-esque lengths. Sometimes the stories have connections between them, sometimes they are split into parts. But the best part is that each story is a tiny island of personality into itself. I could never guess which storyteller I would get next. Each starting was a new adventure. The stories themselves are varied in topics, themes, and places - but they all share a vague resemblance and relation to the title "Flights". The English translation was quite well done - but the beauty of this prose is undoubtedly in its descriptions and characters written by the author almost as if they exist. Maybe they do, and this was a travelogue all along - I don't want to know. I am sure I will be revisiting this book again some day and will enjoy it once again again too.,
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