Feersum Endjinn



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  • aggregatedRating: 🙁bad (2/5),
  • author: Iain M. Banks,
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  • genre: fiction, sci-fi,
  • name: Feersum Endjinn,
  • review: This is an interesting book, with an apparent novel sci-fi situation containing virtual second lives. Why this is novel is beyond my understanding, when Philip K. Dick had already published the much more intriguing and existential Ubik way back in 1969, a good 30 years prior to this work. In addition, the language was off-putting. Phonetic English (writing as sounds are spoken, not as words conventionally written) may be interesting in small measures, but to read a lot of it is annoying. The choice of why medieval cultures are chosen to reanimate the dead is just absurd, and the insistence on classes, clans, wars, factions - is interesting were it not the overusage of convoluted sentences - seemingly for the sake of it. Definitely not a book for my tastes.,
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