The Memory Police


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  • author: Yoko Ogawa,
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  • genre: fiction, sci-fi,
  • name: The Memory Police,
  • review: Set on an unnamed island, this book is reminiscient of 1984 and the Holocaust literature in that there is a 'Memory Police' who are authoritarian and force people to forget things by destroying those as well as using capture and interrogation to detect memories of those objects. While I understand the point of the novel, and the slow vanishing of the identity and the world, I could not enjoy the writing or the plot. There never was anything that interested me - other than waiting for why must things be forgotten. Sadly my curiosity was never quenched. To make things more disinteresting, all characters are passive. Only ever impacting through minor actions. It feels the sort of world that has given up and is awaiting its final descent.,
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