The God Delusion


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  • author: Richard Dawkins,
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  • name: The God Delusion,
  • review: Wow. Some books expand the mind, or as Dawkins correctly puts it - they expand the 'consciousness' because it forever changes the perception and ability to think about things. This is one such book. It really hammers down on religion, even though a lot of it (most?) is Abrahamic ones, the arguments and the logical questions are utilities for any and all religions. This is a great book to consider why we must question everything, and why things don't make sense when we put them in a consistent logical framework. And this is what religion is explained as - and why and where and how it ruins our ability to progress. Really influential book, and which has permanently set me on a path to finalising my mind. The only bits I would have liked to be included was an exploration of religions which don't have a written book, but instead rely on the moral policing by society itself. This is what I saw and experienced growing up in India. Its still religion, but there is no single word of God to debate against. The book does give the tools that are universal in arguments, but it would have been nice to see them used for exploring such social structures as well.,
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