The Best of Greg Egan


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  • name: The Best of Greg Egan,
  • review: I enjoyed this collection very very very much. Emphasis on the overuse of subjective adjectives describing my experience. Each story is an intense rendering of some concept that I had to sit back and think about for a while, even if it was mentioned in passing. There are things about self-reflection, AI, mind, modification of the mind, philosophies, quantum physics, computing, information theory, Godel's theorem, Turing machines, cloning, biology, society, cosmology, relationships, religion, beliefs, physchology, and so much more. It was worth the time to read this slowly, digesting each story and its experience. Definitely made me enthusiastic about reading (again). The best part was that the stories were collected based on the author's perception of their best work - so it was not an arbitrary collection of 'best selling' stories or something like that.,
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