• book_id: 840,
  • book_owned_medium: 📚physical,
  • book_read_medium: 📚physical,
  • book_status: read,
  • date_book_read:
  • type: Book, RenderedItem, https://schema.org/Book,
  • aggregatedRating: 😁good (4/5),
  • author: Kim Stanley Robinson,
  • dateCreated:
  • genre: fiction, sci-fi,
  • isPartOf: Books in DCU,
  • name: 2312,
  • review: A bold mystery set in solar space that manages to convince that not just humankind's set but the setting has changed as well. Personal computing, gender identity, sexuality, ethics, a lot of things that mesh well together without feeling forced or introduced to make a point. Just matter of fact, as if part of the world. The story I thought I'd read before, so was not novel. But the plot points and space-tech was enough to continue reading.,
  • url: https://harshp.com/hobbies/books/840,

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