Eyes of the Void



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  • aggregatedRating: 😁good (4/5),
  • author: Adrian Tchaikovsky,
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  • genre: fiction, sci-fi,
  • name: Eyes of the Void,
  • review: The second or middle part of a trilogy, this was the stereotypical filler-material book with not much actual progress as compared to how much of the world the first book introduced. Some more adventures, some more characters, a lot of teasing about information that you hope will be revealed but never is. And so one must wait for the third book. That said, I did not feel bored or annoyed at any point in the story. In terms of episodic content, it was a good book. I just wished for more details and things to be presented because the first book was quite good in terms of how much new things and world descriptions it contained.,
  • url: https://harshp.com/hobbies/books/858,

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