Undercover: My Journey into the Darkness of Hindutva



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  • name: Undercover: My Journey into the Darkness of Hindutva ,
  • review: I was not prepared for this book. It is raw, honest, detailed, and factual. There were times when I felt overwhelmed from what was in the book and comparing it to how little I knew or was exposed to. That there were investigations and court cases to such an extent, and that they were all somehow 'managed' was a revelation. I always believed that there was mischief, but reading the book I've come to the realisation that the reality is much more sinister and there is evil which believes itself righteous. The book also helped understand a lot of the current political landscape in terms of the key people and their (political) governance models. By the end I was feeling hopeless, lost, sad, upset, angry, frustrated, and in chaos. But this is also progress - because I went from ignorance to awareness.,
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