Birnam Wood


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  • author: Eleanor Catton,
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  • name: Birnam Wood,
  • review: Expectations were high following the immensely enjoyable Luminaries. It was strange to see a foray into 'modern thrillers' where we have crazy technologies used as toys and seemingly extraordinary hacking is a common tool for the uber rich. The writing is good, there are points where the commentary on the world, society, and politics feels realistic because it is flawed yet informed - which fits that there are young adults discussing things. But the characters themselves are not that interesting. Somehow this feels like a TV series that was watched to spend time, found good enough, but not memorable. So in conclusion I really enjoyed the writing and pacing and the perspectives. But I did not enjoy the story itself - it is a decade too late. I get that this is supposed to be some creative adaptation from or of Macbeth, but I am not the audience to appreciate it.,
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