• book_id: 888,
  • book_owned_medium: 📚physical,
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  • book_status: read,
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  • type: RenderedItem, https://schema.org/Book,
  • aggregatedRating: 😁good (4/5),
  • author: Stephen Baxter,
  • dateCreated:
  • genre: fiction, sci-fi,
  • isPartOf: Books in Cork,
  • name: Ring,
  • review: Baxter writes hard sci-fi. Excellent mashup of string theory, quantum physics, even astrophysics, and the end of the universe. And there's some multiverse in there. But the thing that I get annoyed with is the writing about the people. It really distracts from the actual plot - which for me is woven with science rather than "drama".,
  • url: https://harshp.com/hobbies/books/888,

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