Halting State



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  • author: Charles Stross,
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  • name: Halting State,
  • review: This book is difficult to read because I kept losing track of who I was supposed to be reading about. It has a lot of second person narrative and the characters keep switching around. But - the concepts are pretty cool and my hunch of picking up the book based solely on Charles Stross displayed on the front cover turned out to be rewarding. Stross has really cool intelligent ideas - this time around it is about online gaming + metaverse + national security. Lots to unpack. But the characters and the setting puts a lid on what could have been an amazing global story. One of the cooler things I will remember from this book is 'intra-game profile interoperability' which is where your characters can be moved or imported/reused across different games all connected by common platforms.,
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