The Quantum Thief


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  • author: Hannu Rajaniemi,
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  • name: The Quantum Thief,
  • review: This was enjoyable with its rich dense fully formed world built using post-human quantum technologies with its own politics and social economy, including philosophical implications such as 'immortality as communism' and 'privacy enforced by global techno-suits'. The story itself covers tropes from heists, classical detective, political turmoil, class warfare, and so much more. I ordered the two sequels right as I finished this. Excellent book, and a lot to unpack and enjoy. The way technology is described in action is cool. Less exposition and explanations and a lot of show but don't tell means I had to think (hard) on several things and what they could mean and how they could be developed and used. A clever and intelligent story that also rewards shallow reading just as much as a detailed introspection. This is up there with Accelerando and Neuromancer.,
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