milestones and deliverables

lists the milestones and deliverables for paecg project

by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
is about: Privacy-as-Expected: Consent Gateway
consent privacy

User Plug-in

A browser extension or plug-in to facilitate the generation and management of receipts.

Server Component

A framework to be deployed on the Controller's server for implementation of receipt and gateway protocols regarding consent.

Consent Gateway

A framework to be deployed on a third-party server that serves as a witness or signing notary for receipts.

Consent Receipts

An implementation of consent receipts that are issued to capture the state of consent and are intended to be auditable, transparent, accountable, and verifiable artefacts. For this, the project will update the existing consent receipt standard up to current requirements e.g. for GDPR.


A workshop on consent and data privacy to disseminate the work to the community as well as to bring interested people together.

The COnSeNT 2021 (Consent Management in Online Services, Networks and Things) Workshop is scheduled to take place as co-located with 6th IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy on SEP-7-2021.

Funding Acknowledgements

The Privacy-as-Expected: Consent Gateway project has been funded under the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under NGI TRUST Grant#825618. The work performed at Trinity College Dublin involves the ADAPT SFI Centre for Digital Media Technology, which is funded by Science Foundation Ireland through the SFI Research Centres Programme and is co-funded under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through Grant #13/RC/2106.

  • consent record specification: to represent the information involved in a consent transaction
  • browser extension: to manage the provision of receipts in the individual's web browser
  • a server component: to assist websites in providing receipts
  • a Consent Gateway: to act as an external 'claims notary' in signing receipts